5 Things on Sunday – Favourite Songs

So today I am going to take part in the weekly meme 5 things on Sunday, by Kendra @ Reads and Treats.

I am probably going to continue this every Sunday, because although this is a book blog, I would like to bring some non book related content every now and then. So lets get on with it! Also, a quick warning- probably the majority of these songs will be by the Beatles or Beatles-related. What can I say. I would apologise, but I am not sorry, I am proud of my obsession 🙂

  1. Strawberry Fields Forever by the Beatles- Now, I wouldn’t say this is my favourite Beatles song, but who can choose a favourite Beatles song anyway? Certainly not me, for one. But when I decided to do this and thought about what songs to choose, this just popped into my head. But I adore the lyrics to this one. Here is my favourite quote; “Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see”. 1
  2. What is Life by George Harrison- With Strawberry Fields, that is a song I have grown up with and loved my entire life. This one is a lot more recent, I only heard it when I really got into the Beatles and started listening to some of their solo work. This song is just so uplifting, it honestly keeps me going through school stress and whatever life throws at me. I couldn’t not include it. george-harrison-promojpg
  3. Life on Mars by David Bowie- I had to include a Bowie song on here, because, after the Beatles, he is one of my favourite music artists. This song was the first that came to mind but there are many others I could have chosen (notably Rock n Roll Suicide, Ashes to Ashes, Lets Dance)MI0003889904
  4. I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles- I had to include an early Beatles song, I just love the energy, enthusiasm and sheer joy of many of their early hits, including this one. 03_iwantoholdyourhand
  5. Jealous Guy by John Lennon- What I love about John Lennon’s music is the emotion that is brought in each and every song. I chose this one in particular for this reason, I feel it is one of his most emotionally impacting songs, and one of his best. I nearly went for Imagine but I decided on this one in the end. maxresdefault.jpg


Runners up:

#9 Dream by John Lennon

Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney

Billie Jean by Michael Jackson

The Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp by George Harrison

Purple Rain by Prince

Rock and Roll Suicide by David Bowie


Do any of you love the Beatles? Let me know in the comments!



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