Top 5 Wednesday – Book tropes I’m tired of

Top 5 Wednesday is a weekly book meme created by gingerreadslainey but now hosted by ThoughtsOnTomes and here is the goodreads group.

This is my first Top 5 Wednesday, so we’ll see how it goes, but I will most likely continue in the future, as it seems a lot of fun!

I realise this is last week’s prompt, but I don’t really read graphic novels, so I thought I would go with this one for this week, then get back in sync next time, if that is ok 🙂

Just to note, most of these mainly apply to the Young Adult genre, as the majority of my reading is within YA. I will be putting in examples of books that fall into each of these tropes. So here are 5 book tropes I am tired of:

  1. Plot twist we all saw coming. 

Now, I love a good plot twist as much as anyone else, however it does really annoy me when something that has been completely obvious from the start of the book has a grand reveal at the end. But plot twists are great when done well.


An example of this is Cinder by Marissa Meyer. I loved the rest of the series though, and there was plenty that I didn’t see coming. Just the twist in this book was pretty obvious from the beginning.

2.  Every opposite gender friendship ending up in romance

Like seriously, can’t a girl and a boy just be friends?! One book where a male and female character’s friendship has stayed that way to the end of the book is Radio Silence by Alice Oseman. I adored how the friendship was portrayed in this book. But in practically every other book, the characters seem incapable of not being attracted to each other.


I feel kind of bad for selecting this book specifically, its just one of many where this happens, I just chanced to choose this one because I read it very recently XD

3. Main character with special powers

I have honestly had enough of this, it just makes for such a boring story. Ok, I will let Harry Potter off. But ever since then, it seems like this happens over and over again. I am immediately put off books as soon as this comes up.


I’m not going to lie, I found this book just entirely disinteresting. The main character annoyed me so much, and of course she turned out to have ‘special powers’.

4. Instalove

This is a pretty obvious one, but I couldn’t not include it. The reason I hate this is that it is just unrealistic. In real life, in my opinion, that doesn’t really happen. You don’t see someone once and just fall in love with them like that, with one glance.


I honestly really didn’t get the hype for this book. It was alright, I suppose, but nothing special. And there was instalove.

5. Going to balls in every fantasy 

Why does every fantasy world have balls and dances to go to? It really makes no sense, I guess it’s quite a fun aspect to include, but why does every YA fantasy have it? Is it just an excuse to have a pretty dress on the cover?


Again, this is just one of many examples. And I didn’t want to pick on the Winner’s Curse again.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment what book tropes you are tired of. 🙂







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